Some recent photos

Here are some images of our all-black mini top hat with half veil. Photo by Kani Honu Photography. Model is Katherine Ripley. Taken at the Schwetzingen Gardens in Germany. You can see the whole set here:

Here are some recent bridal photos as well!

The first is Kristina in a white birdcage veil with satin roses:

And this is Evonne in a retro 50s dress and a custom ivory fascinator with a hand-sewn ribbon rosette:

As always, we greatly appreciate our customers sharing their photos with us! We always love to see you in your hats!

Hats in Motion

Recently our hats have graced the heads of several different performers, across the spectrum of dance.

Here's a custom purple fascinstor made for a modern dance troupe in Canada:

The photo was taken at Berkeley Church, Toronto, by Greg Tjepkema, The group's Artistic Director is Robin Bleasdale (, and the troupe can be seen at Also on youtube;
Their event planner is Alison at

And here's burlesque artist Ms. Rachel Riot during a performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" wearing a big, custom fascinator I made for her. The photo is fuzzy because I didn't want to use a flash and blind her while she was on stage. Hopefully some of the pro pics will come out better!

See more of Rachel at

A steampunk day out

Last weekend I had fun shooting with photographers Magnus Hedemark and Chris Peters. They were kind enough to take some great shots of my most recent steampunk costume (the pattern is Butterick 4954). I'm still working on some detail of the parasol. The hat is also from a line of somewhat larger mini top hats that I'm about to list in my etsy store ( This hat does have a detatchable full birdcage veil, but I left it off for this shoot because it was quite windy. The other model, Lilluanu, is modeling another of those larger mini top hats in black.

Photo by Chris Peters

Photo by Magnus Hedemark

Photo by Magnus Hedemark

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'll be attending the Clockwork Ball ( in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I'll be handing out heart-themed hair pins to the steampunk girls in attendance. A lucky few will get special "mechanical heart" hair pins, decorated with watch gears and covered with a polymer glaze. I've started making these decorated hair pins, with many shapes and colors of adornment (hearts, stars, bows, ghosts, bats, etc) as thank-you items. One is included in every hat order!

Santa's Dark Elf

I created this hat for a friend's anti-holiday party, but ya gotta admit, after a while all those carols start getting to you wherever you go! This hat lets me take a break from all the cheeriness. It's a black satin santa hat trimmed in black marabou, with a hand-crafted skull and crossed candy canes. The decoration is hand-cut and sewn from felt.

A bride in silver-gray and pink

A lot of brides are foregoing the traditional white these days. One of our customers was wearing a lovely dress in silver-gray, and carrying pink roses. We came up with a design for her of a gray birdcage veil, topped with a pink rose to coordinate with her bouquet. The rose sits atop a ribbon rosette made of textured pink fabric, and it's surrounded by glittery silver beads I found for her that coordinate with the spacer beads in her necklace. The last image is a self-portrait by the bride to be displayed in lieu of a photo on her wedding day! We're always thrilled when our customers share their photos with us.

Another lovely bride

Here's another of our lovely bridal customers. As you can see, she's chosen to wear her birdcage veil off to the side. As I tell all our bridal customers, there's no wrong way to wear your veil!